Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A close up of some of the vintage type fabrics.  I love the contrasts.  The quilting is done in black, in the Dogs and Bones design.  I love the fussy cut brown dot with the daisies. 
There was a scary moment tonight with Piccolo.  We were taking a box upstairs, and she dashed out the front door and into the parkway.  Piccolo likes being chased, so when I tried to grab her, she ran.  Across the street.  It finally ended with her flipping over on her back in a submissive pose.  Naughty Piccolo.


Kim said...

Love the quilt. I'll bet your heart was racing and so happy Piccolo did stop and 'wait' eventually.

Rebecca said...

What a FUN quilt! So sad that you were unable to load your sock pics...don't give up, get THE MAN to download them!