Sunday, March 25, 2007

More March Project Spectrum

More happy feet. They could have been happy sooner, but when I was almost to the toe shaping on the mate, I spotted a dropped stitch in the gusset, too far gone to pick up. So, rip back I did. They're the Embossed Ribbed Bootie, from Three Trails Handknit Designs, in Mountain Colors Weavers Wool. I love hand washing these, especially now that I have a collection of Soak in assorted scents, and a big bottle of Euculan. I won't be wearing these much for the next few months, I'm afraid. 75 degrees. In March. Who in the hell thinks that global warming is hype? I actually don't think anyone really does. Just to some, commerce comes before everything.

My own exercise in commerce was a bust. 75 degrees. No interest in a wool dog sweater.

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Bonne Marie said...

Those are GORGEOUS! Not to worry, either - the temps are bound to go back down, just as you're getting used to it being warm...