Sunday, March 18, 2007

Project Spectrum--March

Respecting the stash. For most of what I have, I figured there was a reason why I purchased it, so it's time to show some love. I've had this navy Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran for probably four years. I started a Must Have cardigan (from Patons' Street Smart), but it didn't really work for me. So, years later, out of the pattern stash comes a cabled cardigan with a ribbed yoke from Karabella. My gauge swatch ended up becoming the left front. There's four pieces that are sewn on to a ribbed yoke. Lots and lots of finishing. If it works, it will be a nice wardrobe piece. I'm done with both sides of the front now, and a few rows into the ribbing on the back.
I'm cooking corned beef and cabbage in a new, larger crock pot today, because we were in Wisconsin yesterday. I made some pork tenderloin with a leek and mushroom gravy on Friday, and it was a big hit. I see a lot more meals cooked in the crock pot in our future. It's a perfect solution for our lifestyle, where we fall into a pattern of leave late, come home late, have no dinner plan, then cook spaghetti or order out.
I have some pattern editing to do with for the book, so of course I'm distracting myself with knitting and a blog post!

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