Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More April Project Spectrum

A lovely example of Bohus knitting, from the collection of Susanna Hanson. I love how the colors combined with the texture of the yarn and stitches undulates and glows. Bohus knitting is different from Fair Isle or Norwegian knitting in a few different ways. Some pieces are knit flat, so color work is also done on the wrong side row. Often more than two colors are worked in a single row. There are purl stitches on the right side, which adds texture and moves the color in a different direction. I love how that bright pink towards the lower edge of the yoke looks like rick rack. The effect is dramatic. I'm hoping to get a kit in the near future, but knit on size 00 needles for me, this will be a project that will span many years to reach completion.
The last time I looked on the Knitter's website, Susanna had space in her Bohus workshop at Stitches Midwest this August.


sturdygirl said...

wow...that is really amazing.

BertandFelix said...


I have knitted two Bohus sweaters now...and have the kits for 4 more. If you want to see them...just let me know and I can bring them into the shop. The yarn is fabulous!!!

Angela said...

That is gorgeous. Hmmm...future project?