Friday, April 20, 2007

Project Spectrum--April

This is a little peek into my knitted archives. Gidget Alice, spring 2001, wearing a sweater knit with Annabel Fox Aran body, Classic Elite tweed collar, and Lamb's Pride tips. I believe I donated the sweater to a blind rescued Pekingese not long after. I think the shadow in the photo is me on the laying on the sidewalk to shoot at this angle. Gidget is the primary model on the Lucky Penny website. Penny's at the masthead, and that's about the only picture I ever got her to cooperate for. Gidget was an excellent photo subject. I just love that tiny, delicate little face.
The Man, Piccolo, and I are headed to the North, exact destination unknown for the weekend. Some knitting may be done. I mostly will be driving. We're going in a minivan this time, and the Man says he will lounge in the back while I do all the work. Sounds like home to me.

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