Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Being Made

A few months ago, I was invited to join the Chicago Craft Mafia. I had participated in a really well done show that they put together two summers ago. I feel truly honored to be in such good company. Everyone has so much talent, and integrity. They really think I fit in? My bio and link to Lucky Penny has been added to their site. It's testimony to why there's no photos of me up on this blog. Seriously, it's as bad as my passport photo, which I've only allowed myself to look at twice since I got it in 1998. There's a reason people pay for lighting and make up. Nothing against the photographer in this case--I'm just plain not photogenic. So, please, imagine the face of Isabella Rosselini in my place. She's about my age, and I wish I looked like her.
This Saturday, May 5, we're doing a show at the Galaxie, 2603 W. Barry, Chicago, from 11 am-5pm. It's my first event as a "made" member of the familia. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Rainbow House, a local charity, to honor the upcoming Mother's Day holiday.


sweetfigs said...

The photo on the Craft Mafia site does not do you justice. Congrats on being "made."

BertandFelix said...

Oh my gosh! I just looked at the mafia blog...they talk about the Boring Store!! They are a client. I incorporated them!! Small world.