Monday, July 16, 2007

I'll Ride With You

We have not been taking the Chrysler for the last two road trips, because it needs some repair. It's leaking transmission fluid. I have a show to set up on Thursday, and told the Man I wanted to use it, so it needed to get fixed. I asked three weeks ago. It's still not done. This is going to affect how I do my display. I can pack my metal wire racks in my Rav4, but with the car over packed, the racks are uncomfortably close to my neck when I drive. It's okay if I'm in the city and going a short distance, but not for this trip. Also, if I have to use the Rav4, the vintage drying rack has to be tied to the top of the car. Not such a good idea if you have to drive 55+ mph. I'm furious with him. He insists that it will get repaired tomorrow, so it's not an issue. We'll see.
The weather forecast changed for this weekend, and I'm so happy about that. The low 80s, not 95 like was predicted a few days ago.
I got this shot when I was at the stop light. This is on Lawrence Ave., and Ashland. The van is parked outside Arcadia Knitting. It looks like the dog is wearing a seat belt! Ready to go!

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Angela said...

Thought I would see you there, but life has thrown a major curveball and I am not going to make it. I may be absent from KIP for a while, too. I have to see where some things are going...