Friday, July 13, 2007

Playing the Blood Pressure Card

Hey--I've never had so many comments! It is the hypertension? I had a nurse at work check it again, and it's not any different than it was three days ago. It appears that it's the real deal, and not the "white coat" variety. The nurse told me that this was nothing to be casual about, and it would be a good idea to take an aspirin every day to keep the blood thin. I've been looking on line, and there appears to be a link to menopause, but I'm not certain I'm there yet. So, I've been trying to use my affliction to get some help around the house. It's not working.
We had a 20 pound visitor in the house tonight. The Man found our little friend in front of our house. His owners were not home, and he was out without a collar this time. Almost like they put him out. He is a really sweet dog. I found a collar in the house for him, and had some real thoughts about keeping him here. I ended up taking him back, and they were slow to answer the door. The owner opened up her back door and called for the dog in the yard. I yelled out that I had her dog in front. The negligence and ignorance gets my pressure up!
The photo is ZeeNa, who is my favorite model in the book. A Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. I love the heart shaped marking on her forehead. This is what she does when you yell "bang bang!" at her.


Kniterella said...

Love the photo of ZeeNa. Any details on when/where your book will be available.

Corinne said...

The latest I know is that it will be out April 1. The publisher, Sterling, is owned by Barnes and Noble, so there, for certain.

Kniterella said...

Can't wait! I will be in line.