Friday, July 06, 2007

Tech Photos

Next month will be one year that I turned in the first draft of the book manuscript. We're still adding stuff. What do I do when my photo budget's been exhausted? Set up a white poster board on a little table on the front porch, whip out my Olympus camera, and DIY tech photography. The porch is a good place for this--it's completely covered, so shadows are at a minimum. Here I'm demonstrating how you create the ribbed cuffs for leg holes on a sweater knit using double pointed needles.
I've waited three days for the Man to get it together for us to leave town. He's been working, and I've been getting little housekeeping accomplished except to start washing my vests and Piccolo's dog sweaters. We're both at about nine washed. I have quite a few more to go. And about seven more in progress or planned to knit. The elimination of sleeves certainly steps up production.
I saw the grounds layout for the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, and I'm getting really excited about the event. I'm in the same tent as Briar Rose Fibers, which is a huge temptation for me. How many more Rosebuds can I make?


Kniterella said...

Again, I am sorrowful that our vacation begins right when Midwest starts : (

I would LOVE to visit you both...alas.

Kniterella said...

Oh, and I was thinking...maybe you could modify the Rosebud and make a pullover? A cardigan? A skirt?