Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Obsession Continues

Another Rosebud in my wardrobe! This one is a little dressier. I've done it in a different Briar Rose yarn, called Celebration, which is a bamboo and merino blend. A few modifications, and some tinkering with the gauge, and here she is!
I'm excited and apprehensive about Monday, because it will be my first look at Doggie Knits.


Angela said...

It IS an obsession! I wore mine Friday, and while I love it, it isn't the most flattering thing on me. I keep trying to figure out what it is. Should I make the body longer and the "cables" shorter? The other way around? Did I make it one size too big (that's a definite possibility) or it is just that it is too bulky? I do love it, though, and am happy so long as I don't get a side view in a mirror. (The bottom swings out in such a way that it looks maternity-ish on me.) It is so cozy that I just shouldn't give a damn! I hope the first look at the book goes well!

Sheri said...

Love that vest! So much so that I ordered the pattern from Briar Rose. I need to get going and knit it up. Thanks!
Good luck with the book. I'll be watching for it.
Sheri in GA