Tuesday, October 16, 2007

At the YarnCon

It was like a big party, with all your friends, and yarn. That was YarnCon summed up. It was a very well executed event, in my humble opinion. I got my post cards in time to promote Doggie Knits, and forgot my business cards. Things are a little tense here at Lucky Penny headquarters, so it's a miracle that anything gets done at all, or that I'm able to put on a happy face when I'm out in public. This household turmoil is happening during my busy season for Lucky Penny, custom orders and shows in the next two months. Not to mention that the Man is making things difficult. All the apartments I showed him have been declined, mostly for price. He's totally unreasonable about how much space we need, and what something costs for something decent. Never mind that we live in something crummy now, and pay almost as much when you factor in that we pay for our heat.