Sunday, October 14, 2007

One Day, I May Talk About Knitting Again

Day One of apartment hunt. After the treat of heavy metal music at 1 am, then again this afternoon. Heavy metal that could be heard across the street. Coming from my home. I drove down streets, looking for For Rent signs, and the only place where the noise was in any of the neighborhoods was at my address. I'm having flashbacks to 2001 when I owned an apartment building, which came with the Tenant From Hell who behaved in the same manner. I have discussed this with my landlord, and was up front about how I'm planning to break my lease. She plans on meeting with the people upstairs to discuss. Which makes me the bad guy. I've already outed them about the extra person living upstairs. So after, things are going to escalate. I feel like I'm a magnet for rude people. The landlord realizes that renting this place after I'm gone will be difficult with the situation upstairs. I don't understand why people have to be asked or told to be considerate, and to behave like humans. It's all ugly. But my feeling is that things are not going to improve. These people have shown who they are. That's not going to change.
When I'm on edge like this, I have a hard time seeing colors to put together for a custom piece.
A photo of happier times. Zoey and ZeeNa getting a treat before photos.


AmyArtisan said...

Good luck with the apartment hunt - when I unexpectedly had to search for a new place 4 years ago it ended up that the Sunday classifieds in the Chicago Tribune held the place for me - I definitely wouldn't have found it any other way & I love it. I really figured that neighborhood drives or The Reader would have held the place for me but it was the "old fashioned newspaper." :)

Corinne said...

We went to look at a beautiful apartment a few blocks away, but the Man didn't like the owner. He's going to have to go kicking and screaming.

sweetfigs said...

I hope you tell your landlord about the heavy metal blast. Keeping complaining so that your landlord gets how bad it really is.