Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It's been over a year since I've been separated from these two for more than a day. I leave tomorrow evening to start a journey to Boston for a big family event. My adorable nephew is graduating from music school and he's giving a recital that's going to be really big and special for his parents. The big decision for me, of course, is what knitting to take. Something easy and portable. It may be limited to socks. I have at least four projects in progress. Do we think that will be enough?
I'm going to have some anxiety over leaving the care of Piccolo entirely to the Man. He's the fun parent. The one that lets her run loose in the alley, and without a sweater. It's fun until she licks antifreeze, gets hit by a car (a fate suffered by a Man family dog), or eaten by a cougar (one was, unfortunately, shot about a mile from here). I'm the must always be on a leash, in a sweater and boots, pick up the poo parent. So, I had a little discussion with the Man about the rules.
As much as I'm hoping this trip will be fun, and it's going to be an extravagance, I'm excited about the projects that are waiting here at home. In the interest of recession busting, I stocked up on quilt merchandise at the Quilt Expo last weekend. I won't be lacking for projects. This is totally nuts, but I want to make a little quilt for my dog. I bought the cutest vintage looking fabric with little dogs wearing sweaters! Perfect.


rita said...

Of course Piccolo should have a quilt! I think it's a great idea. And how many projects you take is directly related to how long you'll be gone. For a weekend, I always have my current project plus yarn for two more pairs of socks. You never can tell when you'll run out in the middle of the night and no yarn shops are open.

Have a wonderful time!

BertandFelix said...

Hope you had a great time in Boston!

Hey, I am still sock monkey obsessed. I made a cover for a tape measure. Will make you one too.