Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stimulus Package

Remember 2001, when everyone got a tax rebate check? This is what I purchased with my last one, to stimulate the economy. What are the chances that I would find a vintage painting at an antique show that would so closely resemble the little ones I had living with me then, Penny and Gidget Alice? How could I walk away from it? Along with the other things I collect, dog art is an interest of mine.
I had my taxes done today. I have no idea how our American government can afford it, but in a few weeks I'll have another rebate deposited in an account. This time, the plan is to stimulate the economy of Lucky Penny. Because she is kind of broke these days. I'm hoping to finish two sweaters for costumes for the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre before I leave for a short excursion to Boston next week. My mom will be along, so I can't imagine that I'll be scouting out any yarn shops, even though I will be dying to.
I still can't get my cd slot on my computer tower pried open, so recycling photos here.
My current obsession is watching my book's sales rank. It changes daily, and I have no clear idea regarding what it all means. Thank you so much to all my friends that have pre-ordered! Not too much longer now.

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