Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy with Piccolo

Yes, I had a snarky, woe is me post, then took it off again. We don't need to show you all the drama, do we? What I learned with maturity is that every one's priorities and deadlines do not always coincide with yours.
The event at Zola Jones was lots of fun. It's always a good time with the team of the Chicago Craft Mafia, and Jason (aka Zola J.) is a delightful host, and the shop is just a little confection. Montrose Ave. had a unfortunate winter. A water main broke, and there was a hole in the street about a block long. It's been rebuilt, and the nearby businesses are just getting back on their feet. It's a great street for shopping and dining. If you're in Chicago, show Montrose Ave. some love!
Yesterday I took the new sewing machine out of the box and powered through some sewing of strip sets for a bed sized quilt for our love shack. My fabrics match this really cool vintage drape that I have up on the window. Hopefully soon I will get that computer repaired so I can post photos. I'm also working on a little wall hanging thingy that I'm going to practice machine quilting on. I've also been playing around with the fabrics for Piccolo's quilt, and might start slicing my fabrics for it soon. Nutty as this sounds, I have two quilts planned for my little cuddle muffin. Who deserves it more, I ask you?
I'm also starting a quilting class this week. The project is a quilt top, and my fabrics are fantastic! I was obsessed with the Kaffe Fasset pansy print that's been discontinued, and a built all the colors around that fabric. I love a project class. It's great to have a goal, and a deadline for a project.
It's a beautiful Spring day in Chicago. I met a friend downtown for lunch today, and did a little (window) shopping. I was looking for the Oilily store. I always find their color combinations and styling so inspiring. I couldn't find it! The mall it was in was almost deserted. So many empty stores. What is happening to retail? Scary.
Piccolo loves the new neighborhood. So many smells, so many dogs to yell at. I find her so amusing on a walk.
Oh, and I still knit.

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