Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quilt History

This is one of my first quilts. I love the Irish Chain, and really love the vintage prints on a white background. I purchased the top, which has fabric probably from the 1920's or 30's, at the Kane County Flea Market, maybe 25 years ago. I'm pretty sure that I added the little yellow and the wide white borders. I did so much of this before I knew anything about quilting. I used a polyester batting, which I'm sure contributed to the demise of the top. I marked quilting lines for medallions and borders using some templates. It sat on a quilt rack for years while I attempted to hand quilt it. I love the look of hand quilting, but find the process tedious. The quilt finally got sent down to some church ladies in Red Bud, Illinois to be finished. I think I did the binding myself, again, before I knew what I was doing. Binding that's now coming off. This quilt had a life. I used it on my bed, and the Man used it, and he's hard on things. The fabrics on the top decayed beyond repair, and then the quilt was used as a table covering for Lucky Penny show displays. Last year I surmised that it was too tattered to be used that way any more, and now the quilt is an unfortunate heap in the back of my car. Not very respectful, I know. I just can't think of anything to do with this tattered thing.
I'm thinking about my show display for later this month. I don't think I'll have any wall space, so my display will have to be sort of "in the round." I'm contemplating ordering a knit sheet to cut and sew a skirt for the table. It would be the cheapest route, and I wouldn't have to worry about wrinkling too much.
These last few days I've had more of those feelings of attachment towards Piccolo. I hate leaving her. I know that it's a reality of life, and I need to work so I can support her care. She pretty much sleeps all day, like adult dogs do. I use that thought to rationalize my going away.

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BertandFelix said...

I know what you mean about becoming more and more attached. I feel that way about both Bert and Felix...even more lately They are getting older and I just can't imagine the day...I don't even want to think about it.