Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Corn is Corn

A few years ago the Man and I were having dinner with my mother and her (now ex-) husband.  He was a handsome man, but when he started to speak, well, the illusion was shattered.  Among his many negative attributes were bad table manners, and a hatred for animals.  He would go on about the Anti Cruelty Society building downtown.  A whole building dedicated to dogs and cats!  During this particular dinner, we were eating corn on the cob purchased at the local farm stand in Fontana.  We were discussing young corn vs. old corn.  Older corn has more time for starches to fully develop, so the taste is less sweet (a hint of my food science training).  The (ex) husband declared, as he gnawed away on the cob like a wild animal, that "corn is corn."  He repeated his new phrase a few times.  The Man and I still chuckle about it and make that declaration whenever we are eating corn. 

A few months ago, I discovered that a kid had taken my free pattern on Knitty, changed it for being knit in the round, and then offered it as a free Ravelry download.  Now corn is corn, and free is free, but the pattern is still intellectual property.  After I contacted her, she took the pattern down.  This past week, someone asked for a revised copy of the Knitty pattern, stating that what she really wanted was the other one.  That's what I like when someone asks me for something, a slap in the face first.  I wish I hadn't sent it, and usually when I do, I offer a polite greeting, and tell someone happy knitting or what not, but just sent the pattern on with no comment at all.  Corn is corn.  And, rude is rude. 

La, la, la, la, la--I'm not listening! 
To that meeting up in St. Paul of the American Mafia Republicans.  I guess we should know what the opposition is saying, but honestly, I couldn't bear it.

What's the knitting, you ask?  In July, at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, I was sitting in the Briar Rose Fibers booth having a yak with my friend Chris.  These hanks caught my eye.  Exactly the colors I wanted (looking closely at the yarn, it actually has every color you can imagine) for the Placed Cable Aran from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits.  It's about 50% done now.


Kim said...

Beautiful colors! Thanks for the chuckle this morning (corn not pattern).

Laura said...

I'm trying my best not to throw things at the tv this week, but I haven't been able to control my swearing. Jay Leno had a great line last night, stating that Sarah Palin must feel comfortable up at that podium, because it's like looking out at Alaska--just a sea of white...