Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cruella DeVille has Five Kids

This morning I watched Oprah's show on dogs.  The best part was a Swedish lady that trained her dog to dance with her.  The funniest thing I ever saw. And, Maggie, the little Jack Russell who can count!
Oprah spoke to two women who didn't like dogs, and the horrible part is that they both had dogs at home.  One, a mother of five, keeps her dogs in the garage, and "grudgingly" feeds them.  I can just picture the garage door opening, a crack of light shining in, and a bag of food thrown at these unfortunate creatures.  The woman insists she's a good mom.  I'll bet she's not.  What a horrible example she sets for those kids.  Someone needs to call an animal welfare agency on her, stat!  It's really incredible that she can casually admit to behaving so dreadfully.  Maybe the police were alerted, and waiting for her after the show taped.   I can only hope.
Here's little Zoey getting in position for the Doggie Knits photo shoot.  She appears in the book at two different ages, about six months here, and one year for some other projects.  The card with all the colors is a MacBeth card, used to check color before things got under way. 
Lately, I've been getting some feedback about the book that really lifts me up.  Knitters who have told others that they plan to use the book often.  People are knitting dog sweaters that will benefit various rescue organizations, which I really applaud.  If we ever get to a second printing, I hope that I can resolve some of the errors that have been discovered.  Too bad the tech editor my publisher hired at the end of the project didn't find them!

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rita said...

I cannot understand anyone "keeping" a dog who doesn't love it. It's just unfathomable. You're right, those women should be arrested.

I adore Zoey! Every time I look at her, I tell my husband, "I want one just like her someday." He rolls his eyes. I want one just like them all one day! I'll stay in doggie rescue forever.

Now I have to get off my butt and finish the Little Penny that I started for my doggie last winter.