Saturday, December 06, 2008

From Oklahoma, with Love

In the absence of recent photos of my own work due to my camera issues, let's explore some finds I made this fall.  I spent a Saturday night in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, near by my Mom's place in Fontana.  The home belongs to my friend Jo Anne and her family.  The house was recently renovated, to accomodate three generations of growing family, and all the adults got their own room.  Jo Anne put me up in her daughter Sarah's room.  I think she knew how much I would appreciate the room, furnished with quilts made in Oklahoma by Jo Anne's grandmother.  The quilts are a little tattered and worn, but still lovely.  I love these vintage prints on a milky white background.  Love.
I aspire to have my own quilting have this kind of vintage vibe.  The pattern is a floral applique on a patchwork star.