Sunday, January 18, 2009

A close up of the neck detail, which repeats at the cuffs and hem. 
Stats:  Ingenue, from the superb book Custom Knits.
Started:  November 2008.  Finished:  January 17, 2009
Yarn:  Charity from Briar Rose Fibers, 100% Corriedale
Pattern Mods:  I added eight rows of stockinette after the pattern stitch at the sleeves and bottom, so I could turn a hem.
This was my first experience knitting a top down garment, and I have to say, I would do it again.  I like the fit of this sweater, and it was not difficult to knit.  I would knit another, and I have more projects planned using this book.  I absolutely love this yarn, and plan on using it again.


Theresa said...

The sweater and the color are absolutely lovely. Corriedale is a splendid fiber (it's one of my favorite to spin since it is soft and has a lot of natural elasticity).

I've tried top down just recently myself and feel the same way. Top down and in the round is some how very motivating for me.

Laura said...

gorgeous, gorgeous color!