Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From the Reviewing Stand

This was the reviewing stand for the Inaugural celebration here at Lucky Penny headquarters.  I was totally riveted to the television today, and Piccolo rode shotgun, as I played hooky from work.  In the spirit of community, I set aside the projects that I had set to finish, and instead, worked on some dog sweaters that I plan to donate to a shelter later this week.
So many images today--the pomp and circumstance, the beautiful John Williams music, and that Diva hat on Aretha!  I know I shouldn't, but I just love seeing the darling Obama children--I hope they thrive in their new home, and they keep each other and their Daddy happy--he sure inherited a steaming pile of, you know.  We need to keep them lifted up.
Piccolo has a new quilt, and I have a split right thumb to prove it.  Hand sewing the binding does that to me.  Details in the next post!

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Bonne Marie said...

I feel JOY! knowing that someone so modern, loving and intelligent is going to carry us along.

Now dance...