Sunday, March 29, 2009


I love the infinite possibilites of quilting. The relationship of color and pattern, and what happens when you put fabrics next to each other. Sort of like what appeals to me about knitting the dog sweaters. I love the Spot On Retro design from Quiltology, because the quilt needs sharp (aggressive per Brandon Mably) contrasts to really work.
I made this quilt for my friend Mary. I was inspired after her quilting injury. Just wanted to give her a token of my regard for her. She's such a good friend, and we always have fun when we do something together. We spoke often of my dog quilting, and how much Piccolo likes using the quilts. Her cats, Bert and Felix, love quilts as well. I chose kitty fabrics, some donated by Colette at Quiltology, and some Siegfried and Roy inspired white tiger stripes for spots and binding. The black and white is a great contrast to some of the black in the retro kitty squares and border. Some of the fabrics are ones that Mary used in the large Spot on Retro quilt that she made when we took the class together last fall. So it will match in a way. One of the fabrics was gifted to me from Mary along with the paint by number deer print that I'm making a wall hanging for our bedroom with. The green and turquoise spots are dotted prints. The quilt is layer upon layer of spots, dots, stripes and checks. Relationships!