Thursday, April 30, 2009

Always a Sunny Spot

I spoke to David, the photographer who worked with me on Doggie Knits today, and he reported that little Bee, the adorable cover girl for the book, died yesterday. She was sixteen years old, thirteen when she worked on the book with us. A very special little dog, who lived a long and happy life, and was deeply loved. I hope that Trish Watson, Bee's mommy, will find comfort in Doggie Knits as time goes by. The photos out in the world will help keep her memory alive.
Sleep well, little Bee. I hope you always find a fresh cookie, and have a sunny spot to rest.

1 comment:

sisteramy said...

oh that makes me so sad, but how neat is it that she is on the cover of your book. i will think of her when i knit my first sweater out of there.