Monday, June 08, 2009

Lucky Penny's Guide to Houseguest Etiquette

The Countess de Lesseps and Emily Post have nothing on me.  Here's how to make sure that you always get invited back when you're staying at someone's house:
1.  Buy groceries and cook for your host.
2.  Make your bed, and change the sheets when you leave.
3.  Don't expect them to entertain you every moment.
4.  Knit a sweater for the host's dog.
Gracie has a new sweater, a variation of my Piccolo design, aka my standard Lucky Penny sweater.  The variation is that I used a chunky yarn and larger needles.  I used Briar Rose Fibers Beth Ann (sadly, discontinued!) for the collar and trim, and Mountain Colors 3-ply for the body.   I have another thank you gift in mind, but that might take some time to accomplish.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the events at Yarn Dogs and The Yarn Boutique.  There's still one more appearance here, at Marin Fiber Arts, then back to headquarters in a few days.  Then we'll see how long the mellow, acquired out here on the West Coast,  lasts.


BertandFelix said...

Love the sweater!! Can you come over and stay at my place too. Would love a guest like you. No need to make a sweater for the pets...they have your quilt.

Helen and Raja said...

Lovely sweater! Lovely blog! Got you noted in a comment on my blog post about essential clothing via your friend Jill Cahr. Go see: Thanks for the great tips. I'm checking out Marin Fiber Arts as you suggest in a few weeks when Raja and I are in San Francisco.

Helen and Raja