Thursday, August 06, 2009

Camera Issues

Sharing a camera with the man has really impacted blogging.  I have a lot of stuff I could be showing you, but no pictures.  So there you have it.  Because I can't go where all the cool kids are this weekend, in Portland, I'm going to have my own personal Sock Summit.  Just working socks from now until Monday.  This is fine.  I started a Mondo Cable pullover with some lovely Briar Rose Glory Days, but I'm conflicted with the color.  It's beautiful, but I'm afraid it's a little too camo, and I'm trying to dress more feminine these days.  While it's on hold, I'll try to get a second opinion.  I'm working through a backlog of quilts that need finishing, including a new one for Piccolo (which makes two that you haven't seen!) that may approach the masterpiece status that I had previously given to my Spot On Kitty quilt.  Here on the home front, I'm working through a funny summer cold, having some major hot flashes, and just hoping that summer will be over soon!


Rebecca said...

Great idea! I hadn't thought about having my own personal Sock Summit. I guess we will have to experience the 'real' one through everyone's blog posts!

BertandFelix said...

My personal sock family coming to visit.

Can't believe how many people are there...sniff...sniff.