Friday, August 28, 2009


When I create something, I got into the fantasy head space.  If I'm making something for me to wear, I imagine the situations that I would be wearing the garment in.  If I'm making a quilt, I imagine the home that it will be displayed in.  It's never this particular apartment.  It's the little house in Wisconsin, or my city apartment in San Francisco.  This quilt, recently finished, after a year of sewing it off and on, is a Blooming Nine Patch.  So many squares.  So many starts and snags.  When I turned in the top for quilting, it looked like a mess to me.  A little texture, a back, and some binding brought it all together.  Again, crappy photos from the shared camera.  This is living for a while in another home--my mother's.  We thought that she could play with it for a while.  I get to visit it every week or so. 
I'm still knitting, if you've wondered.  I hit a snag on sweater that I was really making good progress on.  It's knit top down, and the rib treatment in the design is curling so bad at the bottom, I don't know if blocking can remedy it.  I've set it aside for now to work on some things that might be more successful. 
I have a few more quilts in the works, and not enough time to work on them.  How do I change this picture?  That's the dilemma of my life.