Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello Sweater Weather

Here at last, sweater weather.  I wish someone would make this.  It's the Yoda sweater, from Doggie Knits.  A perfect recession proof sweater that can be knit entirely from scraps, like I have done here.  I think I like it better that the previous ones I made with self-striping yarn. 
I think this design kind of appeals to the quilter in me.  The play of little colored bits.  I have been quilting like a madwoman.  I am almost complete with 5/5 Sunshine and Shadow, the last being a ginormous one for us.  I was the recipient of some of Colette at Quiltology's scraps, including some much coveted Denyse Schmidt fabrics, and have two more doggie Spot on Retro quilts in the works.  Some more stash, already cut into seven inch squares, may become a throw for my mom's sun room, or a travel quilt for us.  I hate motel blankets and bedspreads, and I got the idea a few weeks ago for making a quilt to travel with us.  Especially since we're talking about a big road trip that I hope will happen next Spring.
We had a little meltdown at Lucky Penny headquarters, and almost a divorce over the living situation.  I started to look for a new apartment, and am sidetracked due to other commitments, including show prep and some custom work.  I'm having a difficult time getting the Man on board with moving, but if the landlady continues to be stingy with the heat, it may be the deal breaker for him.  The Man hates to be cold.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and Piccolo!


Laura said...

Okay, fine. I will knit it! haha. As soon as I'm done Dobby's halloween costume.

Madame Purl said...

This is perfect for my Max. I can do some bright colorful colors to set off his beautiful black fur. Plus a good stash buster - too many odds and ends around here. I have lots of doggie sweaters to make this winter.