Monday, November 23, 2009

Make Over

Sunday afternoons lately are about hanging out at the quilt shop, and something almost always ends up going home with me.  Of course Mary and I want to make one of these.  It's girly, but not fussy.  I've been saying that I need to dress more feminine, right?  It's been years since I've sewn a garment.  In high school and college I mostly made my own clothes.  Every year in college I purchased a pair of Frye boots.  I could see wearing this tunic top with some pants and Fryes, which have been spotted in the window of my favorite shoe store, Alamo Shoes.  I have the pattern and fabric for the tunic, and will get this cut out after my two gift quilts get their binding finished.
Speaking of making over, it appears that I'm going to have to re-create my "magic" nine year old sweater.  I left photos at my job site, and the sweater has not been found.  I hope who ever stole it is allergic to wool and gets a nasty rash!

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