Thursday, November 05, 2009

Working on World Domination

This little photo is of my display at last month's Yarn Con.  My biggest sale was the wire display racks.  I'm still contemplating a move, so I was really happy to not have to bring these monsters back home after the show. 
I postponed looking for a new residence/studio, because, well, things are ramped up, Lucky Penny wise.  Including the addition of three new stores, one on the other side of the planet.  I'm working up a wholesale order for them now.  One of the new shops is local,  ReArrange at 2064 N. Damen in Chicago.  It's such a cool shop, kind of a lifestyle type enterprise.  The people who own it are just delightful.  In the next few weeks I'll have sweaters in a new shop in Houston, Texas.  So, once again, I find myself low on Lucky Penny inventory.
The Doggie Knits experience is once again on the road.  I'll be at SisterArts Studio, 721 W. Wrightwood Ave., Chicago, tonight at 7 pm, signing copies of the book.  Samples of book projects are in the shop to see and touch.  Then, I return to the studio to make more dog sweaters.

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