Monday, April 12, 2010

How Low Can You Get?

This season's road trips began on Saturday, with my car now over 197,00 miles.  I don't care what anyone says about Toyota--I certainly would purchase one again.  My 1998 Rav4 is the best vehicle I've ever owned, or maybe will ever own.  We went West, to the Mississippi River, to a little town called Savanna.  Was there long enough to use the bathroom, then turn around and drive home.  I had a show on Sunday.  The Man has issues with me making committments for weekends.  They are about him, and driving him around.  He's certainly going to be unhappy this coming Fourth of July weekend when I go to Knitting Camp!  I'm going to take this quilt along.  I have issues with motel bedding, especially after last summer's travels.  We mostly stay in cheap motels, and last summer, decided that our first choice, apart from non-smoking (a deal breaker for me!) and allowing Piccolo, that we want two beds.  It's nice to spread out on my own surface when I'm knitting, reading, or watching tv in the room.  The Man will sleep under anything, but I'll strip the bed down to the sheet.   The bedspreads and blankets are usually some disgusting polyester, and often with mutiple cigarette burn holes.  I just can't take it.  This quilt is about twin sized, just enough to cover me, in one of my favorite designs to make, Sunshine and Shadow.  I was going to make one for the Man, but since he really doesn't care, I'll just use a quilt I purchased a few years ago at the Fine Art of Fiber for him.   I like it, but not as much as the quilts that I've made myself. 
Now for the how low can you go story:
Last summer, in Madison, we had checked into the Motel 6, and got the room with two beds.  We had found that the frame around the bathroom door had been broken, because once closed, the bathroom door could not be opened without forcing it.  We called the desk to tell them, but in retrospect, should have asked for a different room at the time.  The next weekend that we checked in to the motel, the young woman at the front desk told us that she could not give us a room, ever.  Banned from the Motel 6!  We saw lots of fringe looking people around who could get in, but we were BANNED.  When we asked why, we were told the reason was damage to the room.  I went back to the car, and let the Man negotiate the rest.  The Manager came in, who was a kid with the most pathetic wreck of a car, including a rear window that was a piece of plastic secured by duck tape.  The Man told the manager our story, and we were allowed in.  The same room that we had the previous weekend.  The bathroom frame had been repaired, but the door still stuck shut.  The Man asked the manager to come up to see.  We went from being Banned from the Motel 6, to having the room compted!