Monday, April 26, 2010

International Day of the Dog!

Greetings from Piccolo and the Lucky Penny studio on this important day!  It's time to knit a sweater (or purchase one from my Etsy shop)  to honor your dog!
A friend asked what I would do with all the quilts and sweaters I've made for Piccolo when she's no longer with me, putting it delicately.  Would I have a hard time looking at them?  The answer would be no.  After Penny died, I thought that I would have a problem letting another dog wear her sweaters.  I had Penny cremated wearing a sweater.  Then, a few years ago, I let Piccolo, who is Penny's exact size, wear the sweaters.  In this photo she's wearing a sweater that I knit for Penny, perhaps ten years ago.  It's a sweet rememberance of the little dog that's no longer with me.  Penny's memory is alive with me because I let another cherished creature wear her things.  The same will happen with the quilts, although I have noticed that some of the early ones are now starting to show wear.  Which is a perfect reason to keep sewing them!

1 comment:

rita said...

I knit one of your sweaters for my Zippy. When he died in February, I gave it to my sister for her Lhasa. It fits him perfectly, and I'm glad he can wear it.

Uh oh, I just remembered that my granddaughter learned to knit on that sweater. I may have to ask for it back.....