Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Knit 1 Chicago is back, with a fresh new look, and a new owner, my friend, Lynn Coe.  Chicago is a great town for knitters. There is a wealth of knit shops, and I shop at all of them.  It's driving distance from at least three excellent fiber shows.  I am going to love getting out of the apartment on Wednesday evenings to sit at this table with some like minded people, and sipping some coffee from the excellent shop next door.  My community.  It's important to support your local enterprises.  Without our support, they go away.  As much as I like internet shopping, for my yarns and fabrics, I seek out what's available locally first.  I love the new Knit 1 inventory, there's lots of things that I want to knit with, and it's fun to drop in during daytime hours.  Piccolo is comfortable lounging on the fresh new carpet.  From the activity observed over the past few days, it appears that the neighborhood is happy to have Knit 1 back.  Beautiful yarns, and a friendly neighborhood vibe.

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Fujiyamamama said...

It looks great, very bright and inviting!