Friday, June 11, 2010

Needing Distraction

One of the bloggers I regularly read, Jen, posted this link from the V & A museum.  You can upload a photo and have it generate a patchwork pattern.  This is a photo of Penny that used to be the masthead on the Lucky Penny website.  This would make a smashing quilt, and I can envision using Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley for a lot of the patches. 
I'm hoping for some distraction this weekend.  All the knitterati are assembled in Columbus for the big trade show.  I could not justify the expense, so I'm staying home.  I was there in 2008 to launch my book, and being an introvert, made no real significant connections to move me along.   I should be well on my way to publishing a second book, but find myself stalled.  It's so hot and steamy here in the Midwest, and I imagine it's a sauna in Ohio, so I'm not sorry to miss that.  Maybe the Man and I will embark on another weekend adventure that will take my mind off things.

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Restlessmoon said...

Just do it, I want another book from you!!!