Friday, June 04, 2010

Summer Weekend

I'm not a fan of summer.  I want to wear wool, and not to sweat.  My apartment can be so uncomfortable.  Who knows what the roof is like, as my landlady does absolutely nothing to maintain the building.  I imagine that it's paper thin, so the sun just beats down it.  The bricks, with no apparent insulation to shelter us, heat up like a pizza oven.  Even with air conditioning on, it still can be miserable.  I can't stand sleeping next to the sweaty blast furnace that is my Man, so I have to go to the "lady room" in the rear of the apartment, that I can close off and run the air, hard.  I still have to sleep with ice packs in my pillow, and sometimes applied to my body.  Let's just say that apart from fiber events, that summer is four months of misery. 
I'm not sure if we are traveling this weekend.  If I'm in town, there's plenty to do.  Tonight, I'm attending the trunk show for SpinSpanSpun at my newest hangout to hide behind my knitting, Knit 1. There's a strong possibility some hand spun Blue Faced Leicester will find a place in my stash.  The Constructor Craft Fair is in Berwyn on Sunday, and my friend Holly will be there.  In exchange for some scraps, Holly made the coffee sleeve pictured above.  I wish the photo were a little sharper!  She used some of the vintage dog fabrics that I love.  This sleeve always gets a comment, whenever I use it.  If you can't make it to the fair, you can find Holly's cuffs in her Etsy shop.

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