Friday, October 29, 2010

Slow Repair

Piccolo has Intervertreval Disc Disease, and had a flare on Wednesday.  She's walking with a little limp, and doesn't appear comfortable.  She was whimpering before I got her on steroids.  It's not the first time this has happened, as Piccolo is a jumper, and sometimes I let her jump more than she should.  Piccolo was resting here after a visit to the vet, and wanted to be on top of the sofa.  She's wrapped in one of my newest finished objects, except for blocking and weaving in ends, a large half granny square shawl.  I used two skeins of Noro Silk Garden sock, from the stash.  More stash than cash, and nothing eats stash like crochet.  I like crochet!  I saw someone wearing this shawl at Yarn Con, and I was obsessed with having one.
Yesterday I went for the day to SOAR up in Delavan, WI.  It may sound crazy, but I had Piccolo riding shotgun.  I needed to keep an eye on her, and didn't want to be 90 miles away, and she likes the car, and spent most of the time sleeping (with the help of a Xanax that did nothing the day before). I want her to sleep it off.  I'm giving strong consideration to taking her to a holistic vet for lazer treatments next week at a friend's suggestion. 
Current mood here is annoyed.  The Man went downstairs last night to the landlady to complain about lack of heat, and she gave him a letter stating that she wants to raise our rent 10%.  Good timing.  I'm furious at the thought of paying more for something that I don't want.  She stated "increased costs" which is rich because in three years she's done nothing substantial to maintain this building, including not cleaning units between tenants.  We should have been out of here a long time ago. 

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