Monday, December 06, 2010


I frequently get asked to make matching people stuff to go with the dog sweaters.  That's really not my thing, I find it rather silly.  This is about as matchy as we will get at Lucky Penny HQ, and only for personal use.  I'm making more Noro Kureyon socks, and the colorway matches a sweater I made for Piccolo years ago.  My first pair of Noro socks have been worn and washed a few times, and like a good pair of jeans, get better with age.  I can't imagine that we will wear these at the same time.  Piccolo wore two sweaters layered out today.  I think I might get some smaller disposable booties.  In my desire for more foot coverage, I think that the ones she has are too big, as they can all come off quickly when walked on outside.

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Maggie Mae said...

I love your color themes.