Friday, January 21, 2011

It Was A Two Sweater Kind of Day

I love sweater weather, and if you have been following this blog, you all know how much I detest hot.  But, this winter has kind of gotten to me.  So many layers to put on before going out!  The work of it!  Not just me, but Piccolo in two sweaters, and we get boots on her.  She will lay on her back and let me put the disposable rubber boots on her feet.  Last weekend, I was a crummy mom, and thought we could get away with a walk without the boots.  About a block later, Piccolo stopped, and cried.  I carried her back to the apartment.
A few weeks ago, the boiler in our building went out (not for the first time, but for the longest--three days), and it got down to forty degrees in the apartment.  The landlady is now angry with us for subtracting the night's stay at the Holiday Inn from the rent.  She only talks to the Man about it, though.  I think she's intimidated by me, because I see through her.  But, it just wasn't safe for us to stay here.  After that, the Man moved into my lady room.  Both of us, and sometimes Piccolo, in our old full sized bed.  Do I ever wish we had a new mattress.  Now, it's hot in this apartment!  It's so weird to go from being so cold outside to so hot in here.  Who knows how long this will last--knowing my landlady, that old boiler is probably held together with old chewing gum and rubber bands.
I've been working on projects, really busy, and some teaching.  I have almost no sweaters left in stock due to an unusually good Christmas season.  I've also been asked to make a quilted gift for someone, so there's lots to do, and not enough time for it.  Good problems to have.

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Rebecca said...

Brrrrrrr....makes me cold just reading about it!