Monday, April 25, 2011

My Knitted History

I think all knitters can identify creatures in their life that are knit-worthy, or not.  For me, Piccolo is (she can't really complain), and the Man is not.  My mom, however, totally is worthy of hand knits.  For example.  This was unearthed from the archives yesterday.  I believe that I knit this sweater for her over 25 years ago.  This was an Adrienne Vittadini design from an issue of Vogue Knitting.  I have some parts of it somewhere knit for me, but never finished mine. I did a fair amount of intarsia knitting before I really knew what I was doing.  The yarns for this sweater were purchased at Weaving Workshop in Chicago, the earlier incarnation of what is known as Knitting Workshop today.  The lesson here is that if you knit with high quality materials, and select a fairly classic design, your sweater can be worn for years to come.  If I were to change anything on this sweater, it would be to assemble the shoulders using a three needle bind off (my favorite for a nice, crisp seam) and have more buttons/buttonholes. 
It did give me a little thrill to see this old friend after many years.