Friday, June 24, 2011

Need to Know Basis

In keeping with my proclivity to make more than one, I just finished another Transatlantic!  I was at a drive up ATM, and looking for a pen in my glove compartment, and found cash!  Left behind from the Man during a road trip, but, hey, I figured he didn't miss it.  So, where better to spend that cash than at Knit 1, on some lovely cashmere blend.  The yarn is called Cashmere Queen, and it's a cashmere/silk/wool blend.  I love it.  The yellow is a small skein ordered from Miss Babs, color Squash Blossom.  Sport weight.  The shawl is living a Knit 1 for a while, until I need to wear it.  Two more Stephen West designs in my queue--Clockwork, and Spectra. 
Off to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art fair today, for a little shopping, and hopefully some yummy Polish food.  Then back to the studio where I intend to chain myself to my Bernina.

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