Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's Columbus Doing in Ohio?

Back from the Big Show.  Helped Lynn buy yarn and other goodies, and Knit 1 has got some really good stuff coming.  Downtown Columbus is really fun, and what's it doing in the middle of a red red state?  Really good food, and a lively atmosphere, and of course, Jeni's ice cream.  I think that the Columbus native who sat next to me on the flight home was really surprised that there would be a trade show for the needle crafts industry.  He was a little freaked when I took the sock on dpns out of my bag, and was surprised that there would be a profession like "professional yarner." Besides food and yarn, lots of laughs were had.  One being in the coffee shop Sunday morning when we spotted another show attendee pouring some clear liquid into her orange juice.  Speculation was made about what the liquid may be.  I said that fiber supplements may be clear, and that perhaps she was concerned with her colon health.  Some snarking also was done.  Here's what--if you call yourself or your associates a "knitting rock star," I think that makes you a target for snark.  Promotion is one thing, but calling yourselves a word like "visionary" is a little over the top.  We were also a little suprised when a rather well known designer was pretty surly when she was the only sales person in her booth.  Not the best representation for her design collective.  While the experience was fun, and the first time I had been there since the release of Doggie Knits in 2008, it was a lot of walking, and work!  It's a lot of pressure speculating what new products will be a hit with the Knit 1 customer.
One of the best things was seeing Bonne Marie--she's my Chicago friend, but I don't get to see her much, and we had dinner with her on Saturday night.  She told me that people who were shopping in her exhibit had talked about the adaptation of Maximus that I have knit for Piccolo--so, here's another photo of her in it.  I came home yesterday to find her walking funny, and uncomfortable--we have an emergency appointment with her chiropractor later today.

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