Saturday, July 09, 2011

Summer in My Summer

This has been a difficult week.  My 50 something body is betraying me.  Nights spent in bed tossing, sweating, clutching an ice pack to me, changing its location to achieve optimal coolness.  While the air conditioning is running.  I'm getting some improvement with a Black Cohosh supplement, and some sort of herbal sleep aid.  Still unbearably hot at times, mostly at night.  It may take some time for the remedies to take effect.
I love making gloves, if I haven't mentioned it before.  This was a little consolation gift after an interview last week.  The gloves are from the fantastic book, Knit Noro, using two different colors of Silk Garden sock.  The mate to this glove will be totally fraternal.  The thumb was finished after the photo shoot.  Lots of ends to weave in!
Sewing is going on here at LP HQ.  Some needle cases soon to be appearing at a Chicago yarn shop, and a quilt for some good friends who finally get to make things legal after 20+ years together.

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