Friday, September 16, 2011

Knitting McGuyver

There would have been a time when I would have declined a request like this.  That was in the days pre-depression.  Now that I need my knitting to make a living, I say yes to things.  This is supposed to look like a Chicago police officer's uniform.  There's a lot of technique in this.  A pattern will be forthcoming.  The truth is, I like the challenge, and it appears that I can work pretty well with a deadline. 
We're wearing sweaters again!  I can sleep without ice packs!
For the first time since April, I used the oven.  I made meat loaf tonight, and will make some brownies shortly.

1 comment:

David Rosenzweig said...

Very cute. Maybe you could follow up with a fire fighting dog's sweater. Not a uniform exactly, but something that any dog could wear and appear to be a dalmation.