Saturday, October 08, 2011

Queen of Wands

I love this little sweater.  David R. knit this for Oscar, and very kindly let me share photos here.   Not having enough Kureyon to complete the project, he did some stash diving and used leftovers of Malabrigo Worsted and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride.  One of the things that I've noticed with Ravelry postings from the book is that people are not knitting the sweaters long enough--the short rows at the end are intended to make the bottom curve around doggie hips.  The sweaters just look so much richer and custom made when they are the proper length.  It's easy to do, as most of the patterns are written top down. 
I've been thinking about being fearless, again.  In the face of a global depression, corrupt politics, and my own complicated personal life.  In my daily affirmations, I must channel the Queen of Wands--powerful, benevolent, and fearless.  Moving forward, and getting serious about a move, with or without others. 

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