Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Strong Sewer

Someone gave me an unfinished quilt top last year, that looked very much like one that I had previously made.  I loved the fabrics, and thought that it might be good to use for my show table display.  It was finished a few months ago, supplemented with dog fabrics from my stash, and the Tammis Keefe fabric that I coveted so.  Long arm quilted with the dogs and bones motif that I like using for Piccolo's quilts.This close up shows a little of the flavor of it.  I no longer have a friendly relationship with the person who gave me the top, and I hope the addition of my own happy fabrics has taken some of the bad karma from it.  Among some of the other gems this person said to me, one was that I was a "strong sewer."  I think that's not like calling someone a talented quilter.  A compliment, I suppose, and a diss at the same time.

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