Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Knitting Goes On

Still knitting.  This is the Brigid Jacket, from Vintage Modern Knits.   I used about six skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in Frank Ochre.  I love that name.  Buttons are bakelite, purchased at Soutache.  I haven't worn it yet, it's still on the mannequin at the shop, as it has been for some time. 
Even though it's a short month, things seem to be moving in slow motion.  I'm hardly teaching this month, with two students dropping out of my Tuesday evening class too late for a substitution to be made, and no enrollment in the Sunday morning class.  Things are filling up for March, so I just think its planets in retrograde or something.  All I've got to show on the blog is something that I've finished months ago.  I did finish the sweater for Geiger, the tiny tripod, and it looked really cute when he came in for a fitting on Friday.  He's wearing it to an event in a few weeks, and I'm pretty excited about that. 
Moving slow at Lucky Penny HQ as well.  Still working up to finishing off the studio room.  More stash sale will happen in April or May. 

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