Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Weeks that Were

I have been neglecting the blog, for a few reasons, one, is that for the time being, I'm working more or less full time.  I'm really happy about the work.  The second is, that I'm not on the desktop that much.  I have been using my little hand held computer more.  Third, is possibly that my life's not that exciting or interesting at the moment.
This is Geiger wearing his sweater and hat at last week's party sponsored by Trio Animal Foundation.  The sweater was engineered to adapt to his front leg amputation.  I'm thinking about how I want to share the knowledge of my modifications, and it's likely going to be a written pattern that will have proceeds benefit Trio.  Geiger is the cutest little dog, and he has a new sister, Antler, who is the sweetest, gentlest creature.  I'm working on a design that she can wear when she represents Trio at public appearances. 

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