Friday, October 12, 2012

Hand Me Down

Over the last four weeks, the Mad has done some filling out.  Her fur has also started to grow back in, so it makes her extra cuddly.  With sweater weather upon us, and a new family member, I have had to make do, as there is not much time to make a wardrobe for her that would equal the one that I have for Piccolo.  Just like with siblings, we are using some hand me down sweaters.  I don't feel that the sweaters are sacred, and it does give me some comfort to see Madeline using Piccolo's wardrobe and quilts.  Piccolo wore sweaters that I had originally knit for Penny, so the tradition continues.  Madeline will have things of her own in time.  Particularly with quilts, which can show wear long before a sweater will.  Some of the sweaters fit fine, others will need to be put away, and some can be altered.  This little sweater, knit in Cascade Magnum, just needed to be lengthened and have the body band re-knit.  Madeline's body is a little longer, and her legs shorter, which in proportion makes her body look really long.  The sweater is one I designed a few years ago, and needs some test knitting before I can release it for publication. 

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