Monday, November 19, 2012

Chef de Cuisine du Chien

It's becoming clearer to me why Madeline ended up at my place.  This is the liver detox menu plan that she's on for who knows how long.  Whitefish, sweet potato, white potato, carrots, zucchini, with some additives.   She's eating better than the humans.  I hope this doesn't go on for much longer, as there is no drive through window for a therapeutic canine diet should I run out.  Fortunately, she does like it.  I was worried that after all that, she wouldn't eat it.
I can assemble it easily if I have some parts prepared in advance, like the potatoes or vegetables.  I'm using a canned organic sweet potato.  I didn't know this before, but how a can is lined is a health concern.  Bisphynol A, aka BPA, is a plastic carcinogen used to line cans.  I found out luckily after I purchased the canned potato that it was BPA free.  I had a thought that it might be interesting to be a canine chef for just this type of situation.  We are waiting a few more days to find out if the seizures are due to thyroid disease.  So far, we have ruled out diabetes.
Speaking of cooking, I ordered a turkey breast to cook for me and the Man for the holiday, only to find out he's bailed on me.  I'm now having dinner at a friends.  But, I got the turkey today, and it's a monster.  It's going to take maybe four hours to roast this thing, so I may end up cooking it on Thanksgiving anyway, as that may be the only stretch of time that I'll have this weekend to do it.
Someone was in the store yesterday, saying that things for dogs (like sweaters) were going to be the next big money making thing.  I'm still waiting for it to happen. 

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