Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Raw and the Cooked

I'm still working on getting Madeline established on a raw diet, which for some reason, her vet thinks will solve all problems.  I'm not convinced.  I tried a raw diet years ago on Gidget, and she loved it, but it was so disgusting to me.  The food I'm getting for Mad comes in frozen patties, individually wrapped, so the gross factor is contained somewhat.  Right now I'm working on her eating 1/3 of a patty for each meal, and her cooked detox diet.  Which, I think is a wholesome diet, and I've gotten the preparation down so it's easy.  The last time I gave Madeline more than a 1/4 patty of raw at a meal, she got sick, so I backed off for a day, and tried again.  I'm giving her another opportunity to fail on the raw diet.  I think I should have some multiple attemps to present to the vet.  There are so many things that I have to restrict for Madeline that I gave to my other dogs.  She's only eating from new Fiestaware, as the vintage has lead in the glaze, that can exacerbate a seizure.  I can't let her taste a lot of what I'm eating, because some of the ingredients can do the same.  With all the scares about dog treats these days, I did a little Google search looking for a grain free dog cookie.  I found one on the Cozy Kitchen blog.  Four ingredients (I left out the oatmeal called for in the recipe), in this case, mostly orgainic.  They taste pretty good.  The dough is really sticky, so rolling them out and using a cookie cutter doesn't work for me, so we have these little nuggets.  Completely wholesome.                                                                   

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