Sunday, August 18, 2013


I had some fun this morning sharing with someone that I follow on Instagram, a little bit of my collection of Shawnee pottery.  My pieces were collected via eBay, and attending many antique flea markets, shows, and antique malls.  I used to spend a lot of time doing that.   The piece in the foreground, the little Pekingese, was my first with gold trim and decals.  Shawnee would apply the gold paint and decals to pieces that were flawed.  Now they are rare and more valuable than the ones without the trim.  I wanted one so badly, and looked for years, and told myself if it ever came up for auction on eBay, I would not be outbid.  I got into a bidding war, and ended up paying more than the piece was valued at, probably even now.  I'm still not sorry.  The other piece is a Tumbling Bear bank.  I don't remember exactly where I obtained it.  I don't actively collect pottery at the moment, partly because any available funds are spent on yarn or fabric, and at this point, I have so many pieces, I am an advanced collector.  And, as much as I love my collections, they can be a real pain to pack and move.  But I still love my Shawnee collection, they are whimsical and delightful.

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